6 Reasons to Avoid Buying a Used Car

Are you interested in buying a used car? The urge to take the plunge is understandable considering that used cars are the craze. After all, they are a cheaper option. That said, they are never 100% convenient. Why? Comprehensive checks before purchase might yield a few glaring or hidden defects which are not worth the price you pay for that car. Here are a few reasons why you should and shouldn’t buy used cars for sale in New Rochelle NY.

Tinkered mileage

A check on the odometer is always one of the first things every purchaser of a used car does. Used car vendors are aware of this. To outwit buyers, a good number of car sellers tend to play around with the odometer to reflect a lesser distance than the car has endured. Sometimes by as less as three quarters the true distance. How does it affect your purchase? A misleading distance will in all measures lead to a misrepresentation of other things such as service and state of the engine.

Lack of comprehensive service

How well is the service on that car you wish to purchase? If buying a sub-serviced car, you are better off visiting a car junkyard rather than a car sales lot. A car with poor service history is simply buying into trouble. Such cars are also pocket drainers. If you wish to avoid buying a car that spends more time at the garage for repairs, spend a few more funds on a new car. So a check on that car’s service history is very important. If you notice anything dubious take a walk.

Poorly maintained engine

At the heart of every car’s performance is the state of the engine. Apart from long miles, a dirty-looking and leaky engine should be a red flag. Take the simple engine oil strip test. How does the oil look? Pitch black and at a low level? That means the engine might have had its last oil change ages ago. That is a sure way to avoid getting into trouble. Same goes for other related items such as batteries. If the terminals look rusty or corroded, there is a chance that one morning that car might not start. If that the case train your eyes somewhere else.

Neglected interior

The interior of a car tells a lot about the previous owner(s) of a car. This only happens with used cars. If you have worn out seats or scratched dashboard you might be in for future trouble. Most of the time, even the air conditioner, and the radio do not work. The glove compartment will also tell a story of its own. The point is, a keen eye will save you from buying a bad car being passed off as a worthy purchase.

Discontinued service

From time to time manufacturers find it less profitable to continue producing spares for cars that are no longer in production. This presents current holders with a shortage of spares. In such instances, the easiest available option is from spares retrieved from salvages. Even then, the available spares do not guarantee quality. That is a major reason to avoid buying used cars especially if you can’t tell its status at the manufacturer. Dropped manufacturer support is another why you shouldn’t buy used cars.


The last decade has witnessed some of the biggest car electric defects. Top it up with the huge number of car recalls you get a problem. Truth is not all cars are repatriated back during recalls. Additionally, the recalls might only affect a batch of a particular model. Recalls, especially minor ones are the last thing purchasers will think of when purchasing vehicles. What if that beautiful car was in a recalled batch but escaped that notice. Don’t be caught in this fix.

Does this mean that all used cars are bad? No, in fact, some of them will match new cars regarding efficiency. If your mind and pocket are hell-bent on a used car, go for one. However, do not relent on some background research fast. Ask the right questions and look beyond the paint and glitz. Otherwise, you have more reason than enough on why you shouldn’t buy used cars.