Cost of not using a real estate agent

There are quite a number of things that make a real estate agent very important to a home owner, despite the cost of hiring a real estate agent they are of more advantage. Here are some of the cost of buying and selling a house without representation by a real estate agent. Real estate agents have been in the industry and therefore they have adequate experience when it comes to selling and buying of a house, just like the saying we hire smart people not to tell them what to do but for them to tell us what to do. Most real estate agents like the ones fromĀ are members of respective associations globally that provide strict code of ethics they should adhere to ensure home owners and buyers receive high quality service. The sale and purchase of real estate is a time-consuming process, if you don’t have an agent representing you it can even take a very long time. Since you cannot always be available and little understanding of the market trends can hinder you. Real estate agents can also help you identify serious buyers or good deals because they have a better understanding.

They can also prevent a buyer from being conned and they possess vital negotiating skills to help a buyer procure an ideal home.If you have an intention of growing in the real estate industry, then you should have an understanding that you can never run a mega real estate company without agents. From the book ‘Rich dad poor dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, you can realize that all his prosperity was courtesy of his real estate agent. Though Real Estate agents don’t select prices for buyers or sellers they can advise them to make right choices for themselves and to also come up with a negotiating strategy. Just like any other business real estate agents know sellers who have great reputation for competitive pricing and efficiency.

Nowadays home presentation really matters, their experience in this sector will help them give a perfect presentation that will look appealing to buyers. When buyers are in need of houses the first step is to look for a real estate agents who will showcase you property thus more exposure. Most buyers prefer to look for property listed with an agent since buyers have a believe that in this way the process will be carried out in a professional manner thus higher offers to help sell your house at top value. Another important aspect in marketing is referral, experienced real estate agents have better referral links compared to home owners. Real estate agents can help you run your business normally or on your behalf when you are not around or on vacation instead of closing it down. In most cases real estate agents are paid some commission only after they buy or sell a property thus making them work extra harder at an affordable price.

The sale and purchase of property can be very costly without a real estate agent as discussed, and therefore it is very important to have agents representing both buyers and seller for professional handling.