How much should you pay for Psychic Readings?

Why are so many psychics so expensive? Is there are the connection between how much an intuitive will charge and the accuracy of the information that comes through in the reading? Is the real BEST psychics the most expensive? And if not, WHY do some charge double, triple or even MORE than others?

In this article, we are going to take a quick look at how much you should expect to pay for real affordable psychic readings, and why paying MORE is often NOT the right way to ensure that your reading is good.

Here is what I’ve learned in 2 decades of psychic readings, research, and personal experiences:

1 – When it comes to a “general” reading, MORE can be LESS

In other words, the most expensive psychics often charge so much more than their competition, that the law of diminishing returns kicks in. There is ONE well known psychic, for example, that many of us see on TV who charges $850 for a 30-minute phone consultation. Not only do I think that this is ridiculous… I believe that you can get a better reading for a fraction of the cost, and the only reason she can charge such high prices is the “celebrity” name value she has wrapped up in her brand

2 – A SPECIALIZED psychic reading can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, yet can be well worth it if you have the money

An example? A series of past life regressions, done by a licensed or properly trained past life “psychic” or regression therapist, can be an amazing experience and something that can change your life forever. I would not expect similar results from an inexpensive psychic, or honestly, I probably would not even have this particular process done by someone who wasn’t properly trained and therefore commanded higher prices. The same can be said about some of the better psychic mediums, who do more “intensive” readings in person. You may find yourself giving several thousand dollars to see a celebrity medium, or spiritual facilitator and many people find these experiences to be life changing and incredibly healing. This can be stronger than having a similar experience with a less gifted medium or someone who is just learning their craft and can make the dollars spent more easily justified.

Note: I’ve also had many amazing experiences with psychic mediums by phone for less than $50 or $100, and while not as intense as doing it live and in person and a group family setting, can be a very powerful and life-changing experience as well.

My best recommendation is this:

Do your due diligence first. Stick with psychological services that offer great guarantees and put their money where their mouths are!

Never spend more than $50 on phone reading until you’re SURE that the psychic is good. (start with a smaller, shorter trial session)

Understand that you can get a great reading at a high price but if you are going to get a specialized reading, be prepared to pay premium prices.Remember to ENJOY yourself as well. A quality psychic reading can be a life changing experience. Invest 10 or 20 dollars in your future put yourself in good hands, and let the universe take care of the rest.

Best clubs in Pattaya

uqqj7y80zby-rafa-pradaPattaya is one of the most vibrant tourist hotspots in Thailand. Renowned as one of Asia’s leading beach resorts, Pattaya is famous for its sparkling sandy beaches, exciting nightlife, beautiful Asian food and most of all, Thai hospitality served with a smile.

From simple but well-kept guesthouses to the most luxurious brand name club, Pattaya offers some of the most value for money accommodation that you will ever find at a seaside tourist destination in Thailand. There is also something for every visitor, from executives to beach lovers, from families to those who simply want to have some fun at the numerous nightspots. No matter who you are and what your budget is, there are bound to be hotels in Pattaya that would meet your needs.

Most of Pattaya’s hotels are located close to major shopping malls and street bazaars, something which will delight any shopper. Foodies can also enjoy convenient feasting, like restaurants and street food stalls serving delectable Thai and other international cuisine are also a common sight just around the corner from your hotel.

For the best clubbing action in town, you might want to stay near Beach Road in South Pattaya, which is close to the city center. Travelers who crave luxury can opt for a five-star stay in one of the many upscale hotels in North Pattaya and Naklua. Or opt for some of the best sun-tanning and beach bumming by staying near Jomtien Beach.

Travelers on a budget can breathe easy, as a large variety of budget accommodations is available in Pattaya. These range from backpacker inns to budget and middle-range hotels. At these hotels, it is common to find value-added inclusions and services such as hearty buffet breakfasts, balconies in your rooms and laundry services.

The extensive range of mid-range club near the city center also means that you can enjoy convenient access to the beach and business facilities, as well as room service and on-site restaurants, at an affordable rate. However, what will surprise you the most is something more intangible – the warm, friendly and helpful service that you will receive from the hotel staff who will do their best to accommodate your needs.Whether you are seeking the ultimate enter talar, EU would be able to find it within your hotel or in the vicinity.

By staying in Pattaya luxury club, you need an awesome host of comforts and assistance like the massive swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, and fabulous spas which offer Thai massages and many other rejuvenating treatments. With the beach also conveniently located nearby, you do not have to leave the vicinity of your hotel to immerse in the ultimate resort experience.

Searching for ideal hotels in Pattaya? Be sure to visit Chan Brothers Hotel Portal, a hotel booking portal which has a large selection of hotels with competitive rates and fantastic deals. With the instant confirmation of your booking and a hassle-free booking system, booking your hotel is now a breeze.

There are lots of clubs in Pattaya at reasonable room rates with good clean rooms for $30 US dollars. Even if you could spring $50 US dollars per night, you’ll get a great room in a clubs that would cost three to four times as much in the West. Choosing the right hotel is a major factor in the overall experience of a vacation of a lifetime. So choose your hotel wisely for the best vacation in Pattaya that will make your friends jealous.

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Designing the right signage for your purpose

photo-1469957761306-556935073ebaWhat to look for when hiring a signage company for your job doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Via searching for the following qualifications, you can rest assured that you’ll find a reliable company for your environmental signage.

• Experience-Regardless of what sort of business or organization you run, if your operations take place in a stressful domain you have a requirement for professional signage company. Ease of navigation is essential to your customer base, so you have to make beyond any doubt your signage company is right on. Considering that, it’s crucial that the firm you choose to handle your environmental signage has many years of experience. They’ve learned through multiple projects how to properly diagnose situations like yours and produce effective plans to remedy your navigation issues. Regardless of how great or flashy a youthful upstart company might appear, there is no substitute for experience.

• A deep client list-Let’s face it. Talk is cheap. All companies claim to be the best at what they do. And it’s the same with signage company. So by what means can you find proof that you’re running with the most elite? Easy-take a gander at their client list. A quick take a gander at their website should give all the evidence you require. A deep catalog of large, reputable clients screams reliability. A thin list of no-name companies does the exact inverse. You might also want to make beyond any doubt a decent portion of their client list is made of companies in your same field. That way you know they won’t tread new ground with your venture.

• A complete solution-When you’re hoping to implement environmental signage, the last thing you want is to have to work with multiple companies. One for planning, one for sign creation, one for implementation… imagine the headaches included. No, what you need is one complete solution. A company that handles all aspects of signage company. When you find that company, you’ve cut the work on your side down tremendously. They will handle your venture consistently can customize your own particular level of involvement and rest assured that the job will unfold seamlessly.

• An easy to follow process-Creating a signage company that’s right for your environment is probably more difficult than you realize. A lot of research and planning is included before the signs can ever be produced. That said, you have to make beyond any doubt the signage company you choose has a logical, easy to follow process. It should begin with thorough research and onsite studies, and be followed by intricate design. The company should then give complete construction supervision, and keep you required throughout the entire venture.

• Accessibility-Few things are as irksome as hiring a company to handle a large venture just to find out that you can never get in contact with them. A quality signage company will make themselves easily available to you. They’ll always have the phones manned and will respond to your calls and emails quickly. They understand what’s at stake and will be there for you at all times. If you can’t get in contact with the company who’s working for you, maybe they aren’t the right team for your venture.

When you find a company with the above qualities, your needs will be taken care of in a swift, professional manner.

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The basics of house rentals


Many tourists are used to reservation resorts, as they are completely unaware of the existence of sites that advanced holiday lease homes. This is where basics house rentals come in to play.The popular belief is that personal house resorts are very expensive and only available for the wealthy. Negligence combined with the above makes visitors choose a resort while there are beach resorts in a variety of price levels, some of them really cost-effective. Most of the house or apartment resorts are very huge, with several rooms and could provide huge categories such as friends or big families and for categories such as this a holiday lease will surely be a lot less expensive than renting several standard resort areas.


On the other hand, many visitors think that they have to book a resort in order to have extra features like personal diving pools, games, online and television. That is indeed wrong again as most of house resorts provide features such as entertainment areas, personal seashores, game areas, spa solutions, personal diving pools, online access and sometimes a lot more.


Many visitors assume that house beach resorts are luxurious and only meant for the upper classes to whom it really does not matter how much such a lease would cost. However, visitors should realize that there are various getaway resorts that are less expensive and cost-effective like apartments, rooms, town houses and so on. One can find apartment located in the heart of the city that is available at some really reasonable prices. A useful website that lists personal beach resorts that let individuals find the right properties suited to their own needs and budget like this,


Some visitors may think that house resorts are not as safe as hotels where there is a better protection. This is a false impression as sometimes beach resorts are surrounded within huge, protected areas and often have intricate house protection systems. However, a holiday lease house is just like a house away from house so visitors must understand they need to apply normal precautionary features like securing the doors and starting up the house protection system available on site.


All land lords take their beach resorts seriously so they expect the occupancy to be as great as possible. They also recognize that there will be light deterioration here and there. Many tenants might think that the proprietor of the house will check in every day to be sure no damage is done to the place, the truth is they rarely show up as they know the primary purpose individuals like house resorts is because of the great comfort it provides.


Some other visitors stay away from house resorts as they think there will be no one to tend to their needs. This is another false impression as most holiday lease entrepreneurs also act as property managers or employ one to quickly take care of day to day issues that may appear.

holiday rentals will always be there to take the burden of accommodation away from home,


So with most of the issues or misconceptions eliminated, individuals planning to take a group vacation or with close relatives should really look into beach resorts. Such arrangements will save a lot of cash, provide quality solutions and comfort so it is unique with populated hotel.

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Where to find books online

photo-1445445290350-18a3b86e0b5a One of the best things about the internet is that one can find almost anything. Book enthusiasts especially are favored in this digital age more than ever. Today, to read a book you don’t need to have a tablet, an e- reader or eBooks because you can easily access books online on your browser. You no longer need to go to the books store to buy a book unless you like to have your own personal physical library. You can bookmark your favorite books and go back to them as many times as you would like. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can read a book even from your Smartphone anywhere you are, any time you want.

Google books

There are thousands of books on Google books that you can enjoy. These books have been scanned, turned into viewable form and posted on Google for all readers. Finding books on Google is as simple as searching for a topic on Google book’s search box. One disadvantage of Google books is that not all books are fully viewable. This means that you may not be able to read some books from beginning to end. You can restrict your search only to those that are by changing the search tools option on the top of the page from any view to full view.

Project Gutenberg

This is the pioneer of all eBook sites. It was began in 1971 when the first eBook was created. Most of the other sites that allow users to read books online use the titles that were uploaded to project Gutenberg. This is the perfect destination for people who are looking for a great classic book. On the site you can choose whether to read the book online or to download it. Most of the books when read online will display in the basic HTML format which is usually unformatted with the left side bar always visible. The main advantage of using project Gutenberg is that you can actually use search tools to find certain words or paragraphs in the book.

Internet archive

Created in 1996 by a no- profit organization, internet archive offers to its users digitalized content including videos, images, Books and audio files. Today, it has over 6 million eBooks and other text files that are viewable over the internet on their site. The results can be sorted by relevance, download count, date added and rating. The content is scanned and one can zoom in or use the one page view option when they cannot see certain words. It has a super cool text to speech function.


This is the most advanced and the biggest eBook site online today. It has over 300,000 books from over 100, 000 authors around the world. Authors on smashwords have the privilege of setting how much of their book can be previews since most of the books are sold on some of the biggest eBook stores. If you are lucky, your favorite author may have let his fans preview the book in its entirety. With smashwords you can choose even the font in which you want to view the book.

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Importance of Air Duct Cleaning


Cleanliness is a way to perfect health. We should not mar our own environment rather try to make aura complaisant for people who come up and join your company anywhere you are living. For this, he/she should take a spur of moment to keep their home environment clean. To put environment in a stashable manner Air duct cleaning has come up where company employees are more focused in reducing heating or cooling effect of appliance, as per requirement. On a continuous operation of appliance, some air dust enters appliance which should be removed so that air particles do not block its functioning. Pollution should not peep in and sour surroundings which will ultimately lead to appalling effect.

Getting your air ducts cleaned appropriately as a feature of a mold expulsion venture is imperative in the entire remediation process. It’s critical to not spread mold spores in your air molding system any more distant than where they as of now are without spreading it throughout your home. If the cleaning is done improperly it will actually increase the growth of mold, not eliminate it.

Make sure to take a look at the equipment that the company plans to use to clean your air ducts. If they remove the vents and push a vacuum hose with a brush on it as far as they can reach, the spores that aren’t sucked up into the hose will fall into the room or remain in the ductwork to be blown into other areas when the AC is used again.

Air duct cleaning like this might not be harmful if there isn’t contamination, but if mold spores are present it will only make matters worse for you. Using proper cleaning equipment that maintains strong vacuum pressure on the entire AC system during the process is necessary.

All of the air ducts come out of the plenum, which is a large box attached to your AC. Correct cleaning entails using a large hose from a high volume, HEPA filtered vacuum to an opening in the plenum. Aside from the one you’re working on, all the other vents are then sealed off before air powered whips or brushes are fed through the air duct all the way to the plenum. Any mold spores, dust and debris that are knocked loose are then sucked up into the hose, filtered and removed from the home.

Also, cleaning the evaporator coils is necessary for a thorough cleaning of the system, because those collect dust over time. That dust and moisture condensing on the coils breed mold and the air blowing over the coils comes out of your vents.

However, many lower-priced air duct cleaning companies don’t have an HVAC license, and without that they are unable to access the plenum or coils on an HVAC system in the state of Texas. Without that certification, you have no chance of making sure that the problem is completely eliminated and likely it would be made worse. So spend the money to make sure your air ducts are cleaned properly by a licensed company that has experience in air duct cleaning related to mold remediation.

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Air conditioner repair services


The air conditioner is considered as one of the most important home appliances that help in maintaining optimum temperature in your home but with regular use, it might face any kind of issues overtime. Moreover, there may also be wear and tear with the appliances and hence if you are facing any kind of issues with the air conditioner then you will need to hire professionals of a reliable air conditioner repair services. This is the best way of ensuring that your air conditioner will function optimally for a longer period of time. It will also make the appliance to run smoothly for a longer period of time without the need for replacing it in near future.


If you wish your air conditioner to run efficiently for a longer period of time, you will need to hire experienced and skilled professionals of conditioner repair services for carrying on the repairs work. You should hire professionals who are in charge of the repairs and maintenance of the system in the best possible manner. Even if your system breaks down, you will need to hire these professionals who will repair the air conditioner so that it can work optimally for a longer period of time. This is the best way of avoiding any serious issues that you might face with your air conditioner as it is an excellent way of servicing your system. When the ac is repaired at the right time, you will not have to live in sweltering heat of the summer months as these professionals are responsible for providing you with the best quality services at an affordable price. But before you hire these professionals you will need to look for the service options as well as the prices that they charge so that you will hire someone who is most qualified for the job. Look for professionals who will offer you top quality services so that you will get complete peace of mind. If you want your system to function efficiently, you will need to look for signs that indicate that your system will need servicing.


Proper functioning of the system is very important because if it is not working properly then you will have to pay increased energy bills as it is not a viable option for you. It will also lead to increase in cooling costs of your home and thus you need to get your ac serviced regularly by the best air conditioner repair services if you want it to run in an efficient manner. This will provide you with the best cooling of your home even in the hot summer months and thus you need to hire professionals if you find any issues with your system. If you need to get the parts or filters of your ac to replace then you will need to hire these professionals who will work for ensuring that the ac is running smoothly become. This will provide the best cooling for your AC unit so that you will not have to worry about its functioning in near future.

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Selling Books?

If you’re someone that is looking to go into retailing of books, here’s some things that is of great importance to you starting out and is deeply essential for you. Selling books takes art form and requires tenacity that most people do not possess. Having sold books for 20 years and raising 2 kids while doing so, here are some things that I’ve learned.