Replacing the need for R22

The Refrigerant Solutions(RSL) is currently working on R22 replacements. It has gathered valuable experience when replacing CFCs and directly retrofitting to HFCs. One of the main qualities of the R22 price replacement is that it should be non ozone depleting. It should also be able to work well with the existing system lubricant to produce similar results.

The RSL selected compressor volumetric capacity, energy efficiency and condenser pressure as the key criteria for the replacement design. These criteria were chosen based on existing knowledge of R22 applications. During the early stages of development, RSL recognized that it could match the above criteria with those of R22 by using potentially acceptable fluids or blends. The fluids or blends once formulated, could be used to mirror R22 performance. After considerable research, the RSL came up with the best R22 replacements in form of 3 products namely RS-44(R424A), RS-45(R434A) and RS-52(R48A). These products could be able to match the main applications of R22.

1. RS-44(R424A)

This is a direct R22 replacement in a system which has an expansion device as well as a capillary. RS-44 is compatible with both POE oils and the mineral alkylbenzene so you do not have to change the lubricant. Results of a testing program carried out on the two showed that RS-44 possesses a higher COP pressure than R22 even though they have the same performance. The RS-44 also has a good oil return when used with all oil types including new synthetic lubricants as well as the traditional oils. It also discharges a lower temperature than R22 when used thereby producing significant operating benefits. Trials carried out using RS-44 indicate 10-20 percent energy savings with the same capacity which is better than R22. Its ASHRAE safety classification is A1.

2. RS-45(R434A)

The RS-45 is an ideal R22 replacement across temperatures( including low and ac temperature refrigeration) and a range of applications. It is also a potential OEM option. RS-45 may be a R22 capacity match but is not advisable for use in systems having a capillary. It is capable of replacing R22 at both low and high temperatures when an expansion device is included. The RS-45 has a glide of 1.5 (degrees celsius). This is a third that of R407C. This enables it to be used across a wide range of temperatures and is significantly beneficial in a flooded system. RS-45 has identical discharge pressure and compression rate and a matching COP to R22. It is also non flammable and discharges lower temperature than R22 which reduces the risk of degradation. Its ASHRAE safety classification is A1.

3. RS-52(R48A)

The RS-52 has a high capacity low temperature performance similar to R507. The high capacity at low temperature is the prominent feature of this refrigerant. It was designed as a replacement for other ozone depleting blends for example R41 1 B, R402A, R408A and R403B but is also a remarkable R22 replacement at low temperatures. It has a glide less than 1 (degrees celsius) therefore it can also be used in the case a flooded system.