The Beauty of A Costa Rica Birding Trip.

Costa Rica is like a natural paradise for bird lovers which houses more than 900 bird species. The birdwatcher who wants explore this huge variety of bird species in Costa Rica must have dorky binoculars, enormous checklists and vast knowledge about Ornithology. So they will enjoy this place more. It will be an outstanding experience by watching the vivid variety of birds in their natural habitat. The birding hotspot of this place includes 12 major ecosystems so one can easily find out different amazing species of birds from different countries within a very short distance.

While your visit to Costa Rica you need not require to travel so much distance from your hotel to watch the birds. Whereas, it will be a great opportunity to explore the enchanting Costa Richa natural destinations for best birding. This place has so much space for wildlife reserves and preserved national parks. Given below are the beauties of Costa Rica that you much visit during your trip to this place, take a tour with if you’d like.

1. Palo Verde National Park:

It is situated in the southern part of Bagaces which is in Palo Verde. It is a good place to start yourjourney in Costa Rica where you can explore a huge variety of bird’s habitat that includes dry forests, wetlands, and grasslands. The famous river Rio Tempisque runs through this national park. During the rainy season, this place attracts huge migratory birds. You will explore some unique species of birds here during this time which includes roseate spoonbills, snowy white herons and green-backed herons, glossy ibis, great egrets, black-bellied whistling ducks, scarlet macaw, blue-winged teals etc.

Here you can also explore some other species of animals like iguanas, monkey, and crocodiles etc.

2. Los Quetzales National Park:

It is another renowned mountain park in Costa Richa which has a broad glacier on their background and also having three rainforests. The contrast of the area will define you about the diversity of the national park. You can check more than 14 ecosystems here and can also explore some animal species like black guns, pumas, squirrel monkeys and tapirs. Quetzals are the central attraction of this national park.

3. Monteverde

Cloud Forest Reserve:

While you are traveling Pura Vida country then Monteverde cloud forest reserve in Costa Rica is one of the must-visit attractions. The entire reserve looks like the city of New York. This place is famous for its different species of animals and birds. You will also explore many varieties of plant species like orchids, lichens, ferns and many more. Here you will witness 30 different species of hummingbirds which includes herons, brown pelicans, parrots, cuckoos, eagles, blue-throated toucanet, owls and many more.

Apart from this above mentioned amazing 3 destinations, you can also visit Santa Rose national park, Cano negro national park, You can also enjoy river rafting in the in the Pacuare River etc.

Conclusion: Explore the beauty of Costa Rica Birding trip and witness the beauty of untouched natural along with a huge variety of bird and animal species.